February 2012: The start of a new journey


On February 11th I was crowned Miss Greater Simsbury 2012 (the first one ever!). I was so grateful that the fabulous judges awarded me with the title and the opportunity to compete for… Continue reading

Mad Ab-er


I guess I have to admit there is something about abs that really intrigue me. It’s probably the most attention grabbing asset a girl could have- (and a guy!) and it’s simply a… Continue reading

Fitness Friday- Drinks 101


Many don’t realize that a large portion of the calories we intake come from the drinks we sip on. And just because a drink has 0 calories (see: diet coke) doesn’t mean it’s… Continue reading

Fitness Friday- A Mini Grocery List


Happy Friday! Lately, I’ve been being asked about some of my “diet and exercise secrets.” Friends and family just want to know! SO, I’ve decided to post some advice (because secrets are meant… Continue reading

Fashion Friday: Watching your Wrist


Nowadays everyone aims to do more with their time. School teaches us that being productive is important, and time management is a key necessity to get out of college alive. So I’ve chosen… Continue reading

Fashion “Tuesday” (Part B)


As I try to get back on track of my Fashion Friday posts, I can’t seem to kick the sick out of me… This is part B of last week. My apologies. This… Continue reading

Why being sick is never in Fashion… Fashion “Thursday” part A


I’ve been dealing with some gross sickness (hence me missing last Friday’s post) So I thought I could do 2 posts this week for you all… this will be part A Ever since… Continue reading

Top Six (cheap) Purchases


Best Cheap Dress: When I bought this dress a few years ago I didn’t realize how great of a buy it was. I bought it as a beach cover-up but proceeded to wear… Continue reading

Fashion Friday… The Handbag


A staple piece in every girl’s wardrobe is a good handbag. Big, small, long, skinny, clutch, hobo, studded, simple… there are too many to count. SO, I’ve made a list of the most… Continue reading

My Closet Faves- Fall 2011


As Fall comes around I’ve officially stocked my closet with some new favorite things…. 1. Dark, Slim Cut Jeans: dress ’em up, dress ’em down. They make everyone look slimmer, cooler and don’t… Continue reading

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