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Fitness Friday: What is “Crunchtime”?


Two weeks from today I will be competing in the Lifestyle and Fitness competition (known to most people as the Swimsuit Competition). In order to prepare for this phase, many girls work out… Continue reading

Mad Ab-er


I guess I have to admit there is something about abs that really intrigue me. It’s probably the most attention grabbing asset a girl could have- (and a guy!) and it’s simply a… Continue reading

Fitness Friday- Drinks 101


Many don’t realize that a large portion of the calories we intake come from the drinks we sip on. And just because a drink has 0 calories (see: diet coke) doesn’t mean it’s… Continue reading

Fitness Friday- A Mini Grocery List


Happy Friday! Lately, I’ve been being asked about some of my “diet and exercise secrets.” Friends and family just want to know! SO, I’ve decided to post some advice (because secrets are meant… Continue reading

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